Dial 'M' For Mortician


Dial 'M' For Mortician

from 20.00

The clearly delusional, yet fine folks at Trash Wax decided to put out a slab of wax featuring one side of our personal faves and one side of theirs. The first time on vinyl for many of these tracks and the only place you can hear us butcher the Tall Boys' Final Kick. 

Side A

  1. Whistle and I'll Come to you My Lad
  2. Final Kick
  3. Linda Lee
  4. Wild Streak
  5. Primitive Trashman
  6. Phantom Lover

Side B

  1. Spook Factor
  2. Full Moon Hop
  3. Trash Devil Rock
  4. Wailin' Well
  5. Halloween Socks
  6. 13 O'clock Rock
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